Babel History





The Babel Language Centre® was established in 1998 by professional language instructors with long standing experience in the teaching of language, both in Greece and abroad.
Since 1998, Babel® has developed an excellent reputation as a school of English for school children, adolescents and adults. The school also offers classes in German, French, Italian and Modern Greek as a foreign language.
The school is conveniently located in a quiet area of Ano Glyfada, (off Gounari Street, near the Taxation Office). Language courses at Babel® have attracted mainly local learners, but there are many who come to the school from neighbouring areas.

Babel Modern Greek Courses





The Babel Language Centre® (BLC) specializes in the teaching of Modern Greek to adults of all nationalities. Our courses concentrate on the language, culture, and society of contemporary Greece. You may take lessons in groups, or privately, at our classrooms, at your home or office. Our commitment, knowledge, and expertise have earned us an excellent reputation as one of the best language centres for Modern Greek in Greece.

Babel Using the Smartboard






At the Babel Language Centre® we use modern teaching technology. But we also believe that technology can never replace a good teacher. Technology helps, teachers still have to teach. And good teachers teach from the heart, not just from the book or the smart board.






The Babel Language Centre® no longer offers services for pre-school aged children.

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